Uber riders have taken 5 billion trips using the service the company announced today, more than doubling the two billion milestone it hit back in 2016. The 5 billion mark was actually crossed in May. 156 trips began at 7:29:06 AM GMT on May 20, Uber says, putting the ride hailing service over the edge.

Today, the company announced a significant milestone: 5 billion trips completed worldwide. This comes a little less than a year after Uber said it had completed its 2 billionth trip, which means it took the company less than 365 days to double that figure — and then some.

Importantly it wasn’t one single trip that put them over the 5 billion mark, but 156 trips that started simultaneously at 7:29AM GMT on Saturday, May 20th. “These trips happened in 24 countries on six continents, in cities like Mumbai, Moscow and Medellin,” a trio of Uber executives wrote in a blog post today. “One lucky driver was on his first trip: he picked up a passenger on a motorbike in Jakarta, Indonesia. And six riders were taking their first Uber trips, too.”

Each of the drivers involved in these 156 trips will receive $500 from Uber. (For the 2 billionth trip, the drivers got $450, and the riders received $450 in free Uber trips.)


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Uber crosses the 5 billion trip milestone

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